Fulin Robots

Smart, convenient and safe

Fulin Robots

Smart, convenient and safe

Exclusive dealer of Pudu Robots

Exclusive dealer of Pudu Robots. Smart, convenient, safe and can be used for all kinds of things. Benefit from the help of the best robots every hour of the day, seven days a week!

Delivery robots

From hospitality to hotel robots

Innovation occurs in every industry, including the hospitality industry. Robot service has been a trend in Japan for years and is now also making an appearance in the Netherlands. With smart technology, high-end design, artificial intelligence and a friendly appearance, it fits right in with Dutch gastronomy. Fulin Robots is exclusive dealer of Pudu Robots, one of Asia’s largest hospitality robot suppliers. We will tell you why robots in the hospitality industry are such a success, what you can use them for and what other benefits you will experience as a hospitality entrepreneur.

Cleaning robots

Choosing a cleaning robot

To say that robots are becoming an increasing part of our society is an understatement. Where robots initially became very big especially in Asia, robotics is now blowing over to the Netherlands. Not surprisingly, because robots can be used for all kinds of purposes and with the lack of personnel in various sectors, robots are a welcome solution. You may have seen them in the hospitality industry or in healthcare, but nowadays cleaning robots are also very popular. In this text, we will explain to you the advantages of the cleaning robot.

Disinfection robots

Robotics in healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the mainstays of society. Once again, because without proper and good, quality care, we have a big problem. Because the healthcare sector has come under tremendous pressure in recent years, the hard workers in healthcare are facing an ever-increasing workload. As a result, the quality of care has unexpectedly fallen behind in some cases. Robots in healthcare are the ideal solution to this.

We are inventors We are leaders We are empowerers

We are inventors We are leaders We are empowerers

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About us

Fulin Robots

Companies can use our robots for all kinds of tasks. These robots are always present, never sick and always do exactly what you want. Fulin Robots can provide robots that can give you a helping hand in the hospitality or healthcare industry, for example, as well as at school or in the office. Take a look at our robots to find out how they can help you!

Our mission

Fulin Robots aims to help companies by offering robots equipped with artificial intelligence, smart technology, high-end design as well as a friendly appearance. Since there is currently a huge shortage of personnel, including in the healthcare and hospitality industries, these Pudu Robots can be a convenient, smart and welcome solution in that case. So we can say that with our robots we strive for a better world. With our robots, you have everything you need for “better.

Fulin Robots

Everything you need for ‘better’

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