Robots at school

Robots are equipped with ever smarter technology and ever better artificial intelligence. Therefore, they can be used properly in more and more places. They are being used more often in the hospitality industry and the help of robots is now also bearing fruit in the healthcare sector. What also comes in handy, however, is a robot at school. The robot at school can take quite a few daily tasks off the hands of the other staff, which is very useful in several areas. Fulin Robots is an exclusive dealer of the Pudu Robots and for that reason can make sure that the robot ends up at your school.

A robot at school, is it common?

Fulin Robots’ Pudu Robots feature high-end design and friendly appearance in addition to smart technology and artificial intelligence. For this reason, they can easily be used as auxiliary robots in schools. A round of coffee for the teachers? The robot is happy to bring it by. Run out of pens, but have an important test scheduled in that very classroom? With just a few presses of a button – or even via voice control – the robot makes sure that pens are brought to the students in no time.

User-friendliness is a high priority

The robots are very user-friendly and can therefore be operated by almost anyone. This is partly due to – we just mentioned it briefly – the voice control, but the large touchscreen screen the robot has is also very important in this regard. Afraid the robot will bump into all sorts of things at school? No need to be!

For example, take a look at the Flashbot, which can deliver all sorts of things to you. This robot registers everything that happens around it and thus knows how to avoid the obstacles time and time again. When the battery of this robot is almost empty, it recharges itself automatically. This way he can be of service to you again when necessary.

What can the robot at school do for you?

The robot at school can take care of all kinds of chores, so that the staff at school can focus on their own tasks. The robot does this not only on the ground floor, but also on several floors. The robots can operate elevators themselves and ring the doorbell at the classrooms. Are there multiple robots? Then they can communicate with each other. It doesn’t stop there, because there are a number of other things that the robot can do for you at school.

Deliver products or other supplies;

Taking orders or assignments;

Be called upon and come where they are needed;

Be operated remotely.

How are robots used in the hospitality industry?

Robots can be used in the hospitality industry in various ways. We have catering robots that are extremely suitable for serving orders and clearing tables. By using multiple shelves, deep drawers or a strong frame. We offer extremely high capacity and efficiency.

Greeting, taking orders and assigning places is also possible with a catering robot. Via an interactive screen and voice-controlled commands, guests can be helped as they are used to in your beautiful catering business.

Advantages of robots at school

People who work in schools may know about it. It sometimes happens that several employees are sick or absent for another reason. Especially in the current situation, in which we live with a pandemic, it happens more than once that several teachers are not available. A robot at school has many advantages in that respect, because you can always count on it. The robot at school is always on time, never sick and works as many shifts as you want. Moreover, he never takes days off and never asks for a raise!

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Questions about our robots?

Do you ever struggle with staff shortages or can you use a robot at school for another reason? Then you can always contact us via 035-7601176 (by phone) or (by email). Would you like to see what kind of robot you can take into account? In our showroom there are all robots that can function well at school.