Cleaning robots

It is an understatement to say that robots are becoming an increasingly important part of our society. Where robots initially became very large, especially in Asia, robotics is now also spreading to the Netherlands. Not surprising, because the robots can be used for all kinds of purposes and with the lack of personnel in various sectors, the robots are a welcome solution. You may have already seen them in the hospitality industry or in healthcare, but nowadays the cleaning robot is also very popular. In this text we explain the advantages of the cleaning robot.

Why a cleaning robot?

A cleaning robot is a good addition in many places. The robot specializes in disinfection and that is – especially in this time in which we live with a pandemic – very useful in several places. From hospitals to hotels and from public transport to schools; the help of a cleaning robot is always desirable.

With the push of a button, the robot ensures that everything is disinfected, so that the staff in the above sectors can ‘just’ deal with their daily tasks, without having to clean everything all the time. Extra handy since there is a lot of demand for personnel in those sectors, where the pressure is already considerable.

What can a cleaning robot do?

You will be amazed by the possibilities that a cleaning robot from Fulin Robots brings. Take the Puductor2, for example, which guarantees a correct sanitary condition of indoor environments with true non-contact functions and double disinfection modules. The robot only needs to be filled with disinfectant, given an assignment and it will independently go through the entire building to disinfect everything. It won’t get any easier!

The robot independently avoids obstacles and knows exactly where to find the location where it needs to be disinfected. And that at 360 degrees! The cleaning robot also continues to disinfect on the road, which significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The robot then returns independently to the starting location.

The advantages of a cleaning robot

In addition to all the above advantages, there are of course even more advantages to using a cleaning robot. Unlike human staff, this robot is always available. The robot does not yearn for the weekend and can therefore be found on the work floor every day. Moreover, he will not ask you for a raise and – also nice to know in this day and age – he is never sick. In addition, the Puductor2 has a reservoir capacity of no less than 15 liters, so that it hardly needs to be refilled.

About Fulin Robots

Fulin Robots is the exclusive dealer of Pudu Robots, one of the largest robot suppliers in Asia. With the range of robots that we can deliver to you, we try to make life a lot easier for both people and companies. With the artificial intelligence, smart technology, high-end design and friendly appearance of our robots, we have already succeeded several times. Because our robots have all kinds of different techniques, we can rejoice many companies – which are struggling with staff shortages – with the help of our robots. Smart, convenient and safe; that is what we guarantee with our robots. In our showroom you can see what our robots are capable of.

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