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Innovation occurs in every industry, including the hospitality industry. Robot service has been a trend in Japan for years and is now also making an appearance in the Netherlands. With smart technology, high-end design, artificial intelligence and a friendly appearance, it fits right in with Dutch gastronomy. Fulin Robots is exclusive dealer of Pudu Robots, one of Asia’s largest hospitality robot suppliers. We will tell you why robots in the hospitality industry are such a success, what you can use them for and what other benefits you will experience as a hospitality entrepreneur.

Why a serving robot?

Giving your guests a unique experience where they are served like kings and queens. That is the standard for many a hospitality entrepreneur. For this, flawless, fast and neat serving is the norm. Where people work, mistakes are made. It can happen that an order is forgotten or taken to the wrong table. With our hospitality robots, this is almost impossible. Our robots always know how to find every table so an order always arrives correctly.

Even more advantages

A hospitality robot has no days off.

Our robots are never sick.

A serving robot does not require a pay raise.

A robot is never late.

How are robots being used in the hospitality industry?

Using robots in the hospitality industry can be done in several ways. We have hospitality robots that are perfect for serving orders and taking out tables. By using multiple trays, deep drawers or a strong frame. We offer extremely high capacity and efficiency.

Greeting, taking orders and assigning seats is also possible with a hospitality robot. Through an interactive screen and voice-controlled commands, guests can be helped as they are used to in your beautiful hospitality business.

Different types of robots for the hospitality industry

Every hospitality business is different. A robot that meets your needs and fits your establishment offers solutions. This is why we have different types of robots in our showroom. A small explanation of two unique hospitality robots can be found below.

Besides the FlashBot and BellaBot we have many more unique and special hospitality robots. See our online showroom or the specific robot page for an extensive presentation of specifications and unique selling points.


For example, our BellaBot is designed for serving and taking out orders. Guests can pick up their own order from the robot, pass an order through the interactive screen or put back used plates and glasses. The BellaBot can also serve several large orders at a time in collaboration with your waiter. This relieves your staff and allows you to serve your guests faster.


FlashBot is the perfect robot attendant for your hotel. With its smart technology and high-end design, this robot can move independently across multiple floors. In fact, the FlashBot can operate the elevator by itself. This way, you can arrange room service much more efficiently.

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