Assistance robots

Robotics is on the rise and is developing faster and faster. Whereas robots were previously very popular mainly in Asian countries, this has now also blown over to Europe and thus the Netherlands. It also lends itself very well to our country, because with the pressure on healthcare growing unabated in recent years, robots can really make their mark in Dutch society.

Therefore, it is also a relief that Fulin Robots is an exclusive dealer of Pudu Robots. You can use these robots for all kinds of purposes and for that reason you can use robot help in all kinds of different areas. While you may have seen robot help in the hospitality industry, domestic help from a robot is also possible.

Why a domestic help robot?

There are countless reasons why an assistance robot would be a perfect fit for a number of audiences. As mentioned earlier, the pressure on care is very high, and this is no different with home care. The elderly, physically challenged and other people who for one reason or another cannot do everything themselves at home have a lot of interest in a robot buddy. For example, there are all kinds of chores that are very simple for the robot to solve, while for the people it might take a lot of effort. Great for the (older) people, who in this way can still enjoy their lives as much as possible.

What can our assistance robots do?

Fulin Robot sells robots that are very user-friendly. For everyone, because the help robot is equipped with voice control and a large touchscreen screen. This makes it simple to pass a command to the robot buddy. So you don’t have to deal with small, obscure buttons and it is easy for anyone to make clear to the robot what needs to be done.

Today’s technology allows the robot to move around completely on its own. Even moving across multiple floors is no problem for many a robot helper. They can be summoned as needed and operated remotely. Thus, products or other necessities can thus be easily moved by the robot, something that can greatly benefit people who cannot move as smoothly, for example. Think not only of food and drink, but also laundry, for example, is perfectly movable for the robots.

More advantages of robot help

Compared to “normal” humans, there are even more advantages associated with help robots. For example, our robots are never sick, they never arrive late and they can always work day and night shifts. Add to this the fact that the help robot does not get days off and never asks for a pay raise, and count your winnings!

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