Partly due to the unusual time in which everyone in the world is currently living, it is difficult for some sectors to find enough staff. In healthcare, but also in the hospitality industry and hotels, for example, there is a lot of demand for staff. Because that does not always yield the same amount of money, the Flashbot can offer a huge solution in this situation. This robot designed by Pudu can help you with many daily tasks and is therefore a welcome addition to your team.

The Flashbot can be used for all kinds of different things. Even in a hotel, the robot can provide you with all the comforts. For example, the robot can take your guests to the room with a single push of a button. It even goes so far that the robot can operate the elevators independently. For that reason, the Flashbot can be important not only in getting the guests to their room; he can also, for example, bring products to the rooms. The customer then takes the product he or she needs and can return the robot at the touch of a button. That saves the staff a lot of work!

IoT technology

The IoT technology allows control instructions to be sent between FlashBot and other devices in the building over a cloud-based network connection. This allows FlashBot to automatically use elevators for delivery on different floors.

Flexible and efficient 3D Obstacle Avoidance

Give FlashBot accurate 3D perception to avoid low and hanging obstacles.

Automatic charge

FlashBot automatically recharges itself when the battery is low to serve you in the best way at any time.

PUDU Cloud

PUDU CLOUD platform provides powerful cloud intelligent service support for Pudu robots. Thanks to its business management platform, automated operation and maintenance platform, and scenario data collection platform, it detects the operating status of robots in real time and guides informed decisions to enable intelligent home delivery.

How can FlashBot help your company?

UV sterile compartment

The compartment features a UV germicidal lamp that provides a sterilization rate of up to 99.9% for added peace of mind. UV can be turned off.

Improved Auto-Level Suspension

The improved six-wheel independent suspension helps FlashBot navigate smoothly in any environment.


Machine size: 539*515*1050mm
Robot weight: 55kg
Battery life: 12H
Loading time: 4,5 H
Load capacity: Max30kg, 15kg/low
Charging method: Automatic charging
Cruising speed: 0.5-1.5m/s
Compartment space:: 2-4 compartments(Adjustable)

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