The Freo prevents hands from coming into contact with allergens or dirt. This mop robot vacuum periodically automatically detects the dirtiness of the mop, returns to the base station to clean when needed, and then resumes its floor cleaning duties. After cleaning, the mops are automatically dried to prevent germs and bacteria.

Super easy to use

In addition to the Narwhal app, the Freo’s unique operating system is also designed to be controlled manually from the base station. One click is all it takes for the Freo to map, vacuum, mop and return home.

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Spontaneous cleaning logic

With the latest DirtSense* technology, Freo can sense "how dirty your room is", and then determine "to clean again or not" until Freo has thoroughly rinsed the floor.

Identification of floors

Narwal Freo can flexibly adjust the down force and dampness of the mops depending on the floor in different cleaning modes. It helps prevent damage to floors while providing a unique cleaning experience.

Smart roles take on tough tasks

The vacuum machine, roller brush, side brushes and mops do their job together without replacing modules.

Intelligent heat drying

Double air tunnels. Anti-Bacteria. Mop-friendly

40℃ gentle heat can best inhibit the growth of bacteria and protect the fabric of the mop pads.

Automatic entry*

Ultra-clean. Fragrant.

Freo's base station rinses the dirty mops by automatically mixing the scientific ratio of "Narwhal's exclusive formulated floor cleaner" to the water, leaving the mops as bright and clean as before, while retaining a light lemon and basil scent.

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Superior sensor protectors

Avoid obstacles. Map quickly. Accurate positioning.

Dirt free

Find out how modules can work together to prevent wet and dry cross-contamination.


Machine size: 350 (W) *351.5 (L) *106 (H) mm
Colour: White
Robot weight: ca. 4,35 kg
Battery capacity: ≥5200mAh
Rated voltage: 14.4V
Rated power: 45W

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