Robots in healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the pillars of society. All the more, because without the right and good, high-quality care, we have a big problem. Because the healthcare sector has come under enormous pressure in recent years, the hard workers in healthcare have to deal with an increasing workload. The result of this is that the quality of care has unexpectedly lagged behind in some cases. Robots in healthcare are the ideal solution for this.

Robotics in healthcare

An effective solution has now been devised to provide some support to healthcare workers: robots in healthcare should ease the workload of healthcare personnel. Fulin Robots has a wide range of different types of care robots in its showroom, which have the resources to support care with the quality it needs.

What are care robots?

When we talk about care robots, there are different types of care robots to think of. Because healthcare is a broad concept, it goes without saying that healthcare robots are needed in several areas. Think, for example, of care robotics for home care and in nursing homes (care for the elderly) and robotic care in hospitals. Below we explain a number of categories for you and tell you what the care robots in, for example, a nursing home or a hospital can do for you. We also explain which of the Fulin Robots are most suitable for this.

Robots in elderly care

As mentioned, elderly care in the Netherlands takes various forms. From home care to nursing homes: we want to offer our elderly the best possible care, so that they too can enjoy their lives carefree. Fulin Robots is therefore happy to offer support and the Bellabot is the care robot that fits well with this. For example, our Bellabot can support healthcare workers in serving lunch and dinner, so that the elderly can eat deliciously and at the right times. Do you want good and quality help with collecting the laundry? Then our Pudubot can help with that. The Pudubot is equipped with deep drawers, which can store a lot of laundry, and is therefore ideal to use during these moments.

Robotics in the hospital

Our robots also come in handy in various ways in the hospital. For example, serving patients across multiple floors is a tough task and it is therefore a great thought that our Flashbot is perfect for this. This care robot is equipped with smart technology and can move independently over several floors. This makes it a lot easier to have medicines, food, laundry and/or other necessities delivered automatically. The Flashbot registers all the obstacles it encounters along the way and, moreover, the care robot continuously knows exactly what is happening around it. In addition, this hospital care robot can also operate the elevator completely independently.

The benefits of a care robot

Robots in healthcare are of course an advantage in themselves. It is nice to know that there is at least a possible solution for the staff shortage in healthcare and the increased workload that comes with it. But of course we can list many more advantages of care robots, which are very user-friendly, for example. For example, anyone can give the robot an assignment by means of voice control and the large touchscreen screens of the care robot also come into their own. In this way, everyone – including the residents – can operate the care robots, without having too much trouble with the buttons that are too small and the associated unclear commands.

Another advantage of Fulin Robots’ care robots is that they never have to have days off. From the Pudubot to Bellabot and the Flashbot; all robotics in healthcare will always be present. A robot in healthcare is never sick and in addition, healthcare robots will never ask for a pay rise or be late. Last in the list of the benefits of care robots, we will perhaps explain the most important advantage: care robots can continue to run both day and night shifts without interruption. That is a great idea in every respect, because you can continue to use robotics in healthcare at any time of the day.

A care robot has no days off.

Our robots are never sick.

A care robot does not ask for a pay raise.

A robot is never late.

Our care robots can continue to work uninterrupted day and night shifts.

What can you expect from healthcare robotics?

Above, we have already explained to you exactly what care robots are and where and for what you can use robots in the care sector. Robotics in healthcare offers support to healthcare staff and can relieve the workload when it is most needed. From providing support service to serving patients independently; the care robots from Fulin Robots are capable of a lot and therefore offer a wide range of possibilities. We are also happy to think along with you in the case of custom solutions. For example, our robots have the latest technologies, so that we can offer an all-encompassing service.

As mentioned, our care robots can be used to deliver products and supplies such as food, laundry and medicines, and they can also independently operate elevators or ring the bell. Orders and assignments can be accepted by the robots in healthcare and they can also be called up where they are needed. Another useful addition is that the robots can be operated remotely, so that it is possible for anyone to give orders without having to get up. This is especially useful in care for the elderly or in the hospital, when someone is damaged, for example. In addition, the robots can communicate with each other and they can also receive visitors and, where necessary, provide them with the information they are looking for.

How are robots used in healthcare

The use of robotics in healthcare offers support and relieves the workload where it is most needed. Providing support service to independently serving patients. The care robots from Fulin Robots offer a wide range of possibilities. We are also happy to think along with you in the case of custom solutions.

For example, our robots have the latest technology, which enables us to offer an all-encompassing service. Our robots are used for;

Supplying products and supplies.

Can independently operate elevators or ring the bell.

Taking orders and assignments.

They are called upon where they are needed.

Be operated remotely.

Communicate with each other.

Receive visitors and provide them with information.

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Buy a care robot to reduce the workload?

Do you see the benefits of robotics in healthcare and are you thinking about buying a healthcare robot? Or do you have questions about (one of) the robots from Fulin Robots? Please feel free to contact us or perhaps request a quote directly, which is of course completely without obligation. You can contact us in several ways. For example, you can use our contact form, give us a call via telephone number 036-7601176 or send an email to Of course you can also take a look at our showroom to see which care robot can best serve you. Together we go for the best (elderly) care and the care robots can therefore be of great value!