Powered by industry-leading collision sensing technology and an advanced algorithm developed by Pudu, SwiftBot strives to be the most intelligent and safest commercial delivery robot. SwiftBot can detect passers-by and make way for pedestrians in time. Even in a highly dynamic and complex environment, SwiftBot can perform and complete its tasks with ease, while at the same time surprising you with its multi-functionality and high reliability.


Reduce human-robot traffic congestion by 50% and increase machine speed in a restaurant environment by 30%


Improve delivery stability by 20%, powered by hybrid technology, which combines auto-level adaptive variable suspension and stabilization algorithm


Human sensing technology to ensure safety for special groups such as the elderly and children


Multimodal interaction creates a more intelligent and better experience for customers


By being courteous and friendly, SwiftBot redefines the relationship between humans and robots

How can SwiftBot help your company?

Mission on-1 call

Flexible calling, quick response

Two models, different scenarios

Automatic charge

Intelligent automatic charging for 7*24 services


Machine size: 488*593*1288mm
Load capacity: 35kg
Robot weight: Doorless model 49kg, Standard model 59kg
Battery life: 10-24H (Replaceable Battery)
Loading time: 4,5 H
Required room to move: 80cm
Cruising speed: 0.5-1.2 m/s (adjustable)

Curious about what SwiftBot can do for you?